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Knowledge is a treasure

The labour market is dynamic. They want to develop the business and adapt the offer to the needs of consumers, we must constantly introduce changes and improvements.

For this purpose, knowledge is an indispensable element, which allows us to build a strategy based on facts, not assumptions. Furthermore, long-term strategies allow for dynamic changes and adaptation to the situation.

Be two steps ahead of the competition and do not let anyone overtake You.

Leszek Szweda, pszczelarz z Żor włącza się do akcji firmy Pajmon

Home and food that are missing. Help today – #PajmondlaPlanety

Are You who we are looking for? Join the #PajmondlaPlanety campaign and read an interview with a beekeeper from Żory about saving bees. Remember as Brian Tracy used to say: Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. The losers always ask: What will you give me for this? Are you just a receiver or can you share with others?

Sztuka zarządzania czasem. Nie brakuje nam czasu, tylko priorytetów

No time? No relationship? The art of time management by Pajmon CPT

How to effectively manage your time in order to have time to work and relax? The point is not to work hart, but efficiently, setting priorities and focusing on the implementation of urgent and important tasks rather than less important ones. The CPT Pajmon reveals five golden rules.
“Lack of time is really a lack of priorities” said Tim Ferriss, an American entrepreneur and writer

kask z umową

Pajmon CPT reveals five golden rules of management

Yes! You can manage your time efficiently and without stress, having enough of it for yourself and for others. How to do it? Suggests Pajmon CPT.
“Lack of time is really a lack of priorities” said Tim Ferriss, an American entrepreneur and writer

Ratujemy pszczoły i sadzimy łąki kwietne

They disappear from the face of the Earth … Let’s create a friendly home for them

We save bees and plant flower meadows. Join the #PajmondlaPlanety action
“Man is great not by what he owns but by what he is; not by what he has, but by what he shares with others”. John Paul II
They die quietly and alone. They lack food and a friendly home all over the world. This is a global problem that we can change, starting with our little homeland, our own city. We are talking about bees, the population of which is rapidly declining year by year. Pajmon Temporary Employment Center sp. z o.o. initiated the #PajmondlaPlanety campaign, under which it will plant flower meadows in Żory in May this year and thus help bees. Take an example from us! Each of us can help and save these little creatures. So little, and so much, you can do to change the world.

Jak o pracownika z Indii walczą polscy pracodawcy?

Indian manpower is coming. How do Polish employers fight for them?

Will the Indians displace Ukrainians from the Polish labor market? Will they become workers especially wanted in our country? It is highly probable, because Polish employers are thinking more and more seriously about the Indian personnel. Does this mean that the neighbors from across the eastern border will soon become obsolete, and Polish employers will look more graciously towards Asia and the Indians?


Bee Challenge for our little friends

About #PajmondlaPlanety campaign, Bee Challenge and everyday help from businesspeople – interview with Katarzyna Śleziona-Kołek, Marketing and PR Director at Pajmon CPT sp. z o.o.

Koty Argentyńskie

Messi and Prisca have new stepparents at the Rybnik company

Pajmon CPT sp. z o.o. based in Rybnik adopted two Geoffroy’s cats from the Silesian Zoological Garden. They are a pair of Geoffroy’s cats, also known as Argentinian ocelots (Leopardus geoffroyi), which have not yet had any offspring. The Pajmon company will pay for their maintenance and food every month.