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Our team Pajmon CPT

Pajmon CPT employees are at your disposal. They will answer all your bothering questions, advise you, and explain complex issues related to, for example, employment, employee matters.

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. We make every effort to ensure that the employees recruited and delegated by us, mainly from the East, to various workplaces throughout Poland, have the appropriate qualifications, hardworking and reliable. We respect the time and financial peace of our business partners.

Meet #EkipaPajmona.

Anna Flig

HR & Payroll Manager

Katarzyna Hanak

HR and Payroll Specialist

Dorota Spiewok

Administration Worker

Monika Cieslik

Management Office Assistant & Invoice Clerk

Patryk Czart

Manager for Employee Affairs

Oleksandr Ostrovskyy

Recruitment Specialist & Works Manager
Kierownik Robót

Katarzyna Sleziona - Kolek

Marketing & PR Director

Artem Puhach


Tomasz Kożuch


Serhii Havryliuk


Anna Melnyk


Oleksandr Tretyak

Project Coordinator

Andrzej Sawczuk


Ewa Szymanska

Sales Manager

Andrzej Sawczuk

Development Manager

Pavlo Barchan