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Work in Poland for foreigners.


Work in Poland for foreigners.

For foreigners, working in Poland is an increasingly attractive life plan. In Poland, the last boom in terms of births was in the 1980s’. of the last century. So it is not difficult to calculate that this is a generation of people in their 40s. The vast majority of these people are in a stable professional situation. Poland is, however, experiencing a crisis when it comes to young people. More and more jobs are being created, while the Polish generation entering the labour market is not able to satisfy, and the needs are constantly growing. Since the 1990s, fewer and fewer children have been born in Poland. This gap between the needs of factories and the generation entering the labour market is an opportunity for foreigners.

Central Europe as a paradise for migrants.

Central Europe as a paradise for migrants. This is no joke. Central Europe is no longer the grey reality of communist Poland. Poland’s economy is booming, the cities are filling up with restaurants serving not only Polish porkchop, but also Italian pizza, Japanese sushi, American burgers, Georgian chin kali or Mexican tacos. On top of this, spring has swapped with winter and the climate is not half a year of winter, but half a year of spring and maybe a month of winter. On top of that, prices are lower than in western Europe. So we have good cuisine, a friendly climate, a growing economy. Add to this the increasing openness of the Poles and their innate hospitality.

Why choose Pajmon CPT?

Why choose Pajmon CPT? Because at this company, every person matters. The company pursues its mission – to help people change their lives. Because this is the main reason for migration. The need for change, the desire to improve the quality of life. From the very beginning, Pajmon takes a keen interest in its employees. The coordinators are not only tasked with keeping attendance registers, but they take a keen interest in the lives of the employees. They help with sometimes very private matters, such as finding a doctor, making an appointment or translating documents. Employees do not have to worry about what will happen in a few months’ time. Pajmon CPT hires employees on long-term contracts. It is important for the company that employees work for at least a few years.


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