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Employee leasing

Employee leasing as a modern form of cooperation

Employee leasing is a modern and innovative form of cooperation involving three parties: the seconded employee, the leasing company and the employer-user. Under such an agreement, an employee hired by the leasing company is ‘lent’ to an operating company for a specific period of time or to perform specific tasks. Such an employee is employed on the basis of a temporary employment contract (pursuant to the Act on the Employment of Temporary Employees, Dz.U. 2003 no. 166 item 1608). In this respect, Pajmon CPT operates on the basis of its registration in the register of entities operating employment agencies, which authorises it to provide temporary work services (entry no.: 21373). As a service provider, Pajmon CPT provides services to various industries such as energy, logistics, cosmetics, metallurgy, automotive, processing, e-commerce. You can read more about the terms and conditions of employment on the basis of temporary work at


Pajmon CPT as a provider of employee leasing services

Pajmon CPT is a reputable service provider whose one area of activity is employee leasing. This solution provides a number of benefits for both the employee and the employer-user. In light of the dynamic challenges faced by modern companies, employee leasing is increasingly being chosen as an effective tool for personnel management. As part of Pajmon CPT’s offering, employee leasing provides an innovative solution for companies looking for flexible and effective ways to manage their workforce.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider employee leasing with Pajmon CPT:

Employment flexibility

The workforce flexibility provided by employee leasing gives companies the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions and business needs. They can, with this service, adapt the number of employees to current requirements and projects.

Reducing staff costs

Cost reduction is one of the elements of running an efficient business. Employee leasing allows companies to avoid the financial outlay associated with the recruitment process, training and hiring employees on a permanent basis. All fees related to hiring and maintaining an employee are borne by the leasing company. Consequently, the recipient of the service does not incur costs: sick leave, holidays, and does not have to worry about severance payments in case of redundancy. It is also Pajmon CPT that is responsible for recruitment, training and employee administration. With Pajmon CPT’s team of experienced professionals, all these activities are carried out at the highest level.

Personnel services on the part of Pajmon CPT

As employees are ‘on loan’ it is Pajmon CPT that is responsible for personnel handling. And at the same time, employees at Pajmon CPT will be supported in administrative and personnel matters.

Ensuring High-Quality Service

Pajmon CPT places great emphasis on providing a high quality service, offering clients access to qualified staff and effective personnel management processes. As a result, companies using employee leasing.