Job offers

Are you competent and willing to work? Pajmon CPT is seeking hook-crane operator with a capacity of 3.2 tonnes in a smelting plant in Cracow.

If you have business acumen, creativity and receptiveness and want to earn a good amount of money, apply today. Pajmon CPT is looking for someone to be responsible for talking with clients B2B in terms of sale of services and outsourcing.

Pajmon CPT is looking for physical workers and assembly line operators in motor industry, to work for enterprises handling production of car parts used in renowned and recognizable car brands around the world.

The company handles with products from brick-derived substances. The job consists of sorting, arranging and controlling finished products through measuring equipment.

Pajmon CPT is seeking welders using TIG method and is offering employment in a company specialising in welding aluminium materials for boat and yacht production.

Pajmon CPT is seeking workers for manufacturing plastics products in a company located in Sufczyn in Mazowieckie province, which is responsible for plastic processing and making bases for road signs.

Pajmon CPT is offering employment in a company handling construction services throughout Poland.