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Poland a multicultural country?


Number of foreigners in Poland

The number of foreigners in Poland has already exceeded one million (according to the Central Statistical Office). According to Interia Biznes, foreigners account for 6.6% of the working population in Poland. Not surprisingly, the main group is made up of Ukrainian nationals, but due to changes in the geopolitical situation, their number is gradually decreasing. An article on Interia presents the diversity of nationalities working in Polish companies, which includes more than 150 countries.

Will the trend continue?

Looking at the growing number of foreigners from year to year, we can assume that the number of foreigners employed in Poland will increase. Not only because of the tightening of immigration policies in other countries, but also because Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for emigration.Compared to other countries in the region, Poland is one of the fastest growing countries. Between 1989 and 2018, GDP grew by 826%, giving us first place in Europe in this respect. World rankings place our economy in 23rd place out of 192 countries. These are purely economic aspects. However, we cannot overlook another important factor.

Climate of Poland

Poland’s climate is becoming friendlier every year. Today’s generations no longer remember winters lasting half a year, and snow is rather rare for them. Regardless of the assessment of climate change, Poland is becoming more tolerant not only of people from southern Europe, but also of people from India, African or Asian countries.

Openness of Poles

The openness of Poles to cultural diversity is another important change that has taken place in our country, alongside economic and climatic aspects. Gone are the decades of fear and distrust of strangers. Each successive generation is more open to other cultures, and young people increasingly speak at least two languages. Even if they don’t, everyone carries a private translator in their pocket in the form of a smartphone. The language barrier is no longer a problem and the internet allows us to connect with the world.

Poland is trendy

Simply put, Poland is becoming fashionable. Poles have begun to appreciate their unique architecture, culture and cuisine as a huge asset. For centuries, the country of Mieszko I was a place where different cultures merged, as can be seen in the Silesian familias, Warsaw’s Centre of Culture and Science or Krakow’s Cloth Hall. Poles began to emphasise their uniqueness. It is enough to look at pictures of Nikiszowiec from the 1990s and compare them with today’s to see the changes, and even Warsaw’s Praga is changing for the better. Poles have started to be proud of their culture, not in a hermetic way, fearing ‘outsiders’, but wanting to show the world how great they are and share the best they have. Can you think of a better way to attract foreigners?


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