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Why do people work? Earnings in Poland

Why do people work? Earnings in Poland

Why do people work? The question seems philosophical, although the answer is simple: to live. There is no philosophical or deeper content to it. If you want to acquire any good, you have to pay a certain price. Long gone are the days of barter; today goods are exchanged for money. When people go to work, they expect to be paid for the work they do. But will this remuneration be at the same level in every country?

Minimum wage in Poland

In Poland, the minimum wage is 3221.98 PLN net, or ‘on hand’, and as of July this amount will increase to 3261.53 PLN net. Taking into account that in Pajmon CPT there is a possibility of accommodation for about 350 PLN, in the pocket of a foreigner working in Poland, earning the minimum wage, there remains about 2900 PLN. Such an amount makes it possible not only to provide food for a month, but also to put something aside for the future. Of course, assuming that such a person earns the lowest rate, there are no bonuses or overtime.

What is the minimum wage in other countries?

Ukraine: 815 PLN
Belarus: 760 PLN
Moldova: 1125 PLN
Russia: 828 PLN
Romania: 2865 PLN

Prices in Poland

Prices will be different in Poland, different in Romania, different in Ukraine. This is obvious. However, if you consider that the average shopping basket in Poland is about 285 PLN per person per week, the monthly average comes out to about 1200 PLN. A worker from Belarus, earning the lowest wage, living in a flat provided by Pajmon CPT, after paying for the flat and doing the grocery shopping, can put aside two months’ wages from his country. At the same time, living in a country that is culturally close to his home country. But what if such a person comes not only to put away, but also wants to go out to the cinema/restaurant?

Restaurant prices vary, of course, from city to city, and from food to food. In a milk bar, we can eat for 20 zloty (soup and a second course). The average price of a burger with fries and a drink is around 50 zł per person, an Italian pizza, depending on the number of ingredients, costs 35-50 zł for one. Sound good? What if someone decides on a cinema + pizza date with drinks? A cinema ticket costs £20-40 depending on the screening per person. So going on a date in Poland: for two pizzas with drinks, two cinema tickets for the latest film, we will pay around 200-250 PLN.

Economic emigration to Poland

For many people, economic emigration to Poland is the first choice. Poland is a steadily developing country, wages are increasing year on year (sometimes even more). At the same time, Poland has been experiencing a demographic decline for several years, and consequently there is a yearly shortage of labour. Therefore, it is relatively easy to find a job in Poland, especially if you use solutions such as those offered by Pajmon CPT. Pajmon’s company employs several hundred people, but the need grows month by month. In addition to work and housing, Pajmon CPT provides care from coordinators and (importantly) signs long-term contracts, so by taking up employment, a person has a view of a steady and secure income.


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