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Have you received your PIT? You must read it!


PIT in Poland

A PIT in Poland is nothing more than information about your annual income. It includes the amount of remuneration, but also expenses, advance tax payments and social and health contributions paid by the employer to ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) and NFZ (National Health Fund). It is worth knowing what this document is, as many foreigners may find it surprising.

Tax surcharge.

A tax surcharge is an unpleasant surprise you may encounter when settling your PIT? A surcharge means that the tax calculated on the basis of the PIT return is higher than the sum of the advance payments made during the tax year. Obviously, such a difference must be made up
You can read more about surcharges here.

Tax thresholds in Poland 2024 and the tax-free amount.

In Poland, we have two tax thresholds and a tax-free amount. If a taxpayer’s income does not exceed the amount of PLN 30,000, this means that the person is tax exempt. Above the tax-free amount, there are two tax thresholds. A person earning up to PLN 120 000 will pay 12% tax for the amount above PLN 30 000. However, if the income exceeds PLN 120 000, the tax rises to 32%.

Only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. So it is worth knowing exactly what tax system we live in. Many people getting their PIT at the beginning of the year may be unpleasantly disappointed, because unfortunately the unfair practice of passing on all the tax to the employee is still going on. Seemingly we will earn more, but is it worth it if we then suddenly have an expense of several thousand zloty?


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