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PAJMON CPT rents permanent and temporary employees for various positions, depending on the individual needs of the Client. The company provides specialists from the East to work in diverse industries: food, chemical, metallurgical, sanitary, construction, automotive, fuel and energy, clothing, logistics and transhipment, customer service and many others.

Currently, our database includes 5100 qualified employees from: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia and Moldova. In the system, we have both employees with a three-year, type A permit from the Governor, as well as employees who regularly come to us on six-month work visas. Each month, we are able to delegate about 300 people to work. We currently work with nearly 80 Contractors. During the last two years of our activity, our workers have found employment in nearly 150 companies.

We are a partner that provides effective and verified recruitment methods.
With us, you save your precious time and money.

"Joining forces is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."

Henry Ford

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The system includes both:

  • employees with a three-year, A-type Governor’s permit, who guarantee the continuity of the production process;
  • employees regularly coming to us on six-month work visas obtained at the consulate for the Company Pajmon CPT;
  • employees arriving on a three-month biometric i.e., visa-free travel.
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Let's get to know each other better

The first and most important step is to get to recognize and understand the needs of our Clients. Thanks to this, the cooperation is fast and effective.

Let's establish an action plan

Knowing the expectations of Contractors, we propose the most favourable solutions for the order. Our experts: coordinators, recruiters, HR specialists and others implement corrections at every stage of collaboration, which is an important element in dynamically changing industries.