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Anastasiia Tsarenko: A dream come true over 1000 kilometers from home

Anastasiia Tsarenko has been living in Poland for 6 years. She focused her interests towards HR, journalism, advertising and psychology. Today she works as a recruiter at Pajmon CPT. Anastasiia Tsarenko: When she was 18, she decided to study in Poland. She felt remorseful to leave Ukraine. However, in Poland she felt really fulfilled. Anastasiia Tsarenko has very ambitious plans and goals for the future. Today she works as a recruiter at Pajmon CPT.

Stagnation is not for me

– I like my job very much, it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I feel happy when I help people find good jobs and ensure a better future for them and their families. Besides, I always demand a lot from myself. I want to pursue my career – says 24-year-old Anastasiia Tsarenko, who speaks Polish fluently.

She came to our country in 2015. First, she studied journalism in Krakow, and now she is studying advertising management at the Jagiellonian University.

In Poland, she worked at various jobs, but she gained her significant experience as a manager’s assistant and became a recruiter in the end.

How did Anastasiia Tsarenko end up with Pajmon CPT?

– I was interested in working for Pajmon CPT. So, I responded to the advertisement, underwent training and found my place in the company – Ms. Anastasiia tells us. – I like life on the run when things happens. I will not sit still. I don’t like stagnation. Working at Pajmon CPT brings me many challenges and positive feelings every day – adds Anastasiia Tsarenko.

Studies and life in Poland

– Due to the fact that at school I did various interviews, wrote cool texts and was always interested in advertising, I decided to come to study in Poland in relation to journalism and advertising. Before that, I had been learning Polish for a year in Ukraine. Later, when I found myself in Poland, I liked it so much in the new country that I decided to build my future here – says the recruiter from Pajmon CPT.

Travel, psychology and life fulfillment

How does Anastasiia spend her free time?

– I really enjoy to travel. I have visited various parts of Europe, and in Poland I love Zakopane. However, every time I return to Krakow, it seems to me that I am coming home – says Anastasiia Tsarenko.

– In my spare time I study psychology and astrology. The new knowledge brings me a lot of positive feelings – she adds.

Where does she see herself in 10 years? – I would like to be a fulfilled woman both in my personal and professional life – Ms. Anastasiia concludes.

The article is part of the #EkipaPajmona series.

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