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Decisions You Will Not Regret… Learn the rules for making choices. CPT Pajmon advises

How to make decisions so as not to lose: time, money, willpower, self-confidence, etc.? Thursday essential Pajmon CPT
Jak podejmować skuteczne decyzje? Pajmon CPT radzi i cały czas wysyła do pracy nowych pracowników

How to make decisions so as not to lose (time, money, willpower, self-confidence, etc.)?

1) Establish the facts and figures. Don’t be too quick to make decisions. Consult other counselors if necessary – the other person may have a different perception and assessment of the same situation.

2) Prioritize: separate important from less important things, do not succumb to temporary whims, various distractions. Focus on completing the task. Then the decisions will be more balanced.

3) Our decisions, whether good or bad, result from our experiences gained over the years, from our needs. If we know what we need, what is important to us, then our decisions will be more thoughtful, even when we make difficult choices.

4) What to do when we get paralyzed by decision? Consider all the pros and cons. Sometimes you have to compromise and give up something important. Think about yourself, but also empathize with the other person’s needs. What will you choose then?

5) Don’t be afraid to make decisions? Don’t be afraid of failures. Remember that: “Everything in life is temporary, so if something goes well, you have to be happy because it won’t last forever, and if something goes wrong, don’t worry, it won’t last forever.”

Do you agree with the Pajmon CPT rules? How do You make decisions? Inspire others! We are waiting for Your comments.






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