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How to improve the productivity of employees from Ukraine? CPT Pajmon will help

The productivity of Ukrainian workers is crucial in many workplaces. How to make an employee focus on productivity, be motivated, satisfied with the financial conditions and duties, organizational culture and atmosphere? Pajmon CPT has ready-made solutions. Only in 2020, we had nearly 650,000 employees working on short contracts in Poland, lasting from several months to even three years. Interestingly, over 50 percent of the employed were Poles, but they are quickly chased by Ukrainian citizens. Our eastern neighbors could claim a greater number of man-hours worked. Does the number of days spent at work translate into higher productivity of foreigners? How can the efficiency of foreigners employed in Polish workplaces be improved? Pajmon CPT sp. z o.o. knows the prescription.
Wydajność pracowników z Ukrainy? Pajmon CPT wie, jak to osiągnąć.

First of all: selection of the best and knowledge of the labor market thanks to Pajmon CPT

First, help recruiters who bring foreigners to Poland, meeting all the guidelines set out in the acts concerning, among others, employment promotion and in labor market institutions, or regarding foreigners. Employees from the East, mainly from Ukraine, report to work for a specific position. Then specialists from Pajmon CPT verify their qualifications. The whole process is fast and efficient. If the candidate does not know Polish, coordinators and recruiters help with all formalities. They diligently and confidentially translate the necessary documentation. Such action allows you to send an employee faster to the indicated workplace in Poland, where there is a current demand.

At this time, the Pajmon database of candidates includes 4,500 qualified employees from: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia and Moldova. They are specialists from various industries, including: food, chemical, automotive, fuel and energy, metallurgy, construction, clothing and others. The system includes employees with a three-year type A voivode’s permit. Such a work permit is issued to a foreigner by the Silesian Voivode through the Silesian Voivodship Office in Katowice. The database also includes employees who regularly come to us on the basis of six-month work visas. Each month, Pajmon CPT is able to delegate about 250 people to work. Currently, we work with nearly 60 Contractors. Over the last two years, Pajmon has sent employees to almost 120 companies.

Second: investing in training and employee development with Pajmon CPT

Already at the recruitment stage, Pajmon company selects the best candidates whose skills are carefully verified. If an employee requires training for the tasks to be performed in a given workplace, he or she is sent for internal refresher training. On the other hand, if an employee cannot communicate in Polish, then he or she may be delegated to Polish language courses. Breaking the communication barrier is an important aspect in a new workplace. However, the lack of knowledge of the Polish language does not affect diligence and commitment to work when the Client’s enterprise receives complete brigades to perform a specific service together with the coordinator. This supervisor can communicate in the language of the employees. Here, the coordinator is also responsible for the reliable implementation of the entrusted tasks, efficiency and timeliness of work. All this translates into productivity, i.e. how much the client gains thanks to the work performed by employees delegated from outside.

Third: proper working conditions and a friendly working environment thanks to Pajmon CPT

In all this, it is also important that Pajmon CPT takes care of the appropriate conditions in which the personnel sent to labor works. The Pajmon company pays attention to the work environment, how it is equipped, how it is managed, and what the atmosphere prevails in it. Therefore, employees must thoroughly understand the specifics of their work and their duties. This is important because clearly established rules and the scope of assigned tasks do not generate major problems at the beginning. Entrepreneurs will, after all, care not to experience excessive financial outlays while providing the service. How long the job will take to complete is at the hands of Pajmon CPT. It is not only an outsourcing company (it also deals with employee leasing) that can select a competent team of employees with a foreman, carrying out a specific task. For example, within a month, the brigade’s goal is to produce a specific number of tons of metal sections at a steel plant or to send a certain number of pallets with coffee jars to Moldova. When performing the indicated outsourcing service, the Pajmon company, knowing what project the client wants to implement, will send the Contractor the appropriate number of employees together with the supervising coordinator, determine the working time, the rate for 1 man-hour, and the coordinator will monitor the effectiveness of the work performed.

Today, the Pajmon CPT offer is the most effective way to fill the staffing gaps while increasing productivitywithout employing foreigners on your own. The needs reported by the client are the basis for creating and developing economically attractive solutions.

It is worth adding that each employee delegated by Pajmon (before starting work) undergoes health and safety training and is sent for the necessary medical examinations. He can also count on: shoes and work clothes (if the workplace does not ultimately provide it) and the constant support of caregivers (HR specialist, coordinator and translator). The new employee also has decent housing conditions as close as possible to the workplace, and, if necessary, also receives transport to and from the workplace.

Fourth: decent earnings and motivating employees thanks to Pajmon CPT

It is known that workers from Ukraine, coming to Poland, want to earn well and with dignity. In their home country, they receive even twice less than the national average salary in Poland. That is why foreigners often agree to work in a foreign country for up to 10 or 12 hours a day. Thus, they earn more than during the traditional day wage. If an employee from the East has a satisfactory type of contract, compensation, is available all the time, satisfied with the tasks performed, he will not be deterred by even such a large number of man-hours, so he will ultimately become more efficient and will not easily resign from employment. He will be motivated to continue hard work.

That is why the Pajmon company makes every effort to provide workers with the best working conditions and a friendly environment. After all, employees will spend practically the whole day there, and a flexible schedule will become an ideal solution for them with mutual benefit for the client. The pillar of each company will therefore be an employee who is motivated and satisfied with the financial conditions, the organizational culture of work and the atmosphere between colleagues, and at the same time knowing a clearly defined action plan. Staff work efficiency will directly translate into productivity and, consequently, also into the financial condition of enterprises.

Whether the employee is productive at work will be demonstrated by the prepared analysis of the results of work: the quality of the service provided, its timely performance, as well as the comparison of the work of one team member with another. If the direct coordinator is also able to motivate his employee or team to act, a specific task will be better accomplished.

Fifth: minimum formalities, saving time and money thanks to Pajmon CPT

The Pajmon company cares about the pockets of its customers. Adjusting the best solution to his business profile each time, it conducts a dialogue with the Contractor. Pajmon CPT deals with the organization and maintenance of comprehensive HR documentation of employees, which effectively reduces administration labor costs while maintaining production continuity. The employment process is stabilized and employees are hired on the basis of a mandate contract, thanks to which they are not limited by the number of working hours.

Thanks to such HR and payroll solutions, Pajmon’s business partners do not incur unnecessary costs related to employee service: incl. keeping personnel documentation, costs of remuneration, social security contributions, tax, or obligatory fees related to the legalization of work and stay of an employee.

Do you want to hire qualified and efficient employees from Ukraine, and at the same time reduce costs? Discover the cooperation model tailored to your needs offered by Pajmon CPT sp.z o.o. For more information, please contact: Monika Cieślik, Management Board Office Assistant from Pajmon CPT, phone: 790 570 880, e-mail:



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