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How not to go crazy? Little things that make you happy not only before the holidays

We live with an invisible enemy that just lurks to attack. It is not known when he will knock on our door. However, we can do everything not to let him in. What to do? Advises Pajmon CPT
Jak nie zwariować w czasie świątecznym i covidowym

The COVID-19 pandemic is not going away. Headlines from the newspapers front pages and internet portals add to the fear. Everywhere we hear only about infections, death, shortage of hospital beds and ventilators, staffing gaps among medical staff, ambulances that did not come to patients on time… The invisible enemy and messages coming from everywhere: from the media, friends, neighbors evoke in us: sadness, aggression and even trouble with breathing, difficulty falling asleep, nervousness during the day, or excessive caution (the belief that every potential person met on the street may be a carrier of the killer virus). Can living in constant fear be positive through and through? Should we turn to rational thinking more with the advent of spring? Instead of staring at the TV screen and constantly checking the disease statistics through all of Easter, we could, for example, go for a walk, read a book, listen to our favorite music? After all, free time can be beneficial to relaxation. We all deserve it, without exception! Let’s feed on the good news. Little things have great power and can make us happy. Let’s try to include positive thinking before Easter. This is encouraged by the employees of Pajmon Temporary Employment Center sp.z o.o. What can you do?

Everyday life in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic is not easy. Doctors and medical personnel as well as uniformed services fight on the front lines. It is a struggle that is not easy. It is a struggle that brings suffering every day. For over a year, fear has been looking deeper into our eyes and trying to suppress us. We live with an invisible enemy that just lurks to attack. It is not known when he will knock on our door. However, we can do everything not to let him in. For starters, we can include rational and positive thinking. If we get sick, we don’t have to die right away. Let’s try to keep our nerves in check.

Let’s not get paranoid. Let us take care of our own and others’ safety

First of all, let’s take care of our own safety and that of our loved ones, observe government restrictions, disinfect hands, keep a distance between people, limit contacts, if possible, and wear protective masks – cover our nose and mouth (let’s cover our nose, because unfortunately not all of us do!). Let us not look for the symptoms of disease in ourselves, let us not become paranoid.

Unfortunately, in this difficult reality, emotions can prevail. But where in the long run can this constant stress lead us? Does overestimating the likelihood of certain events and dark scenarios make any deeper sense? Or maybe in the pre-Christmas period we should let go of a bit, and with a bucket of cold water during Śmingus-Dyngus, maybe it is worth focusing on the good sides of life and on nature awakening to life? Remember that negative thoughts make us pessimistic about the world. Is it not worth appreciating, not only during Easter, in our free time, but right now, today, that we are healthy, that we have something to thank for, that we will sit at the Easter table, perhaps not with the entire immediate family, but with a few relatives or at least with one person, that the sun is finally shining, that joyful trills wake us up in the morning, that spring walks improve our immunity … You can count endlessly. Maybe it is not worth following the terrible media messages and distancing yourself more from the COVID-19 pandemic, not to go crazy?

In order to cheer yourself up, not much is enough: going for a walk on a sunny day, drinking a cup of hot chocolate (from time to time it will not hurt a bit of calories), starting reading a book that has been lying on the shelf for a long time, a phone call that has been put off for several months, a look at blooming crocuses, playing with children looking for cardboard bunnies and eggs hidden behind thujas in the garden (tried, it works!) … Let’s look for small inspirations in nature, in our immediate surroundings, let’s stimulate our creativity. It will get better right away, if only for a while, not only during the upcoming holidays.

Easter gives us reflection on life, hope and faith

What do the upcoming holidays give us? A moment of peace, deeper reflection on life, hope for a better time, faith that the impossible sometimes becomes possible. Let us cherish Easter traditions, let us warmly think of ourselves and patiently wait for better times when the pandemic will ease. Let’s also look at the symbolism of święconka? What can we find in an Easter basket? The bread symbolizes the Body of Christ, which is the bread of life for Christians. The egg we share at Easter breakfast indicates a reviving life and fertility. In turn, sausage symbolizes health, material well-being and fertility. The lamb itself points to the “Lamb of God” – it is the triumph of life over death. Salt stands for purification, simplicity and truth. On the other hand, horseradish symbolizes human strength. Cake e.g. sweet cupcake is our skill and excellence. Easter bunny is a sign of spring and life. Boxwood is the hope of eternal life. Let us think about this symbolism as we eat our Easter breakfast. Let us also teach our children.

Pajmon cultivates traditions and sends competent employees to work

Easter traditions are loved by employees of Pajmon CPT sp.z o.o., who also encourage people to remember not only about their relatives, but also about lonely, elderly neighbors. Phone calls and shopping are important gestures for older relatives and neighbors. It is worth sharing such little deeds with others and attracting good events. It is worth helping safely, not only during the holidays.

The Pajmon company has been doing the same since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which constantly helps many employers all over Poland and sends qualified personnel to work depending on the individual needs of the Client. In its database, Pajmon CPT has approx. 4,500 candidates. Among them are: electricians, including those with SEP qualifications to G2 and welders, including the method: 111, 135, 136, 141, as well as builders, locksmiths, fitters, including those with the ability to vaccinate, and production workers, turners , machine operators, warehouse workers, forklift operators and many others. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Pajmon is able to fill in the staffing gaps overnight, so that there is no stagnation in the production process, slippage in planning shipments and deliveries, and finalizing previously planned projects. Pajmon CPT specializes in delegating temporary and permanent workers to work, mainly from Ukraine, but also from: Belarus, Russia, Moldova and India. CPT employees are praised for their reliability, diligence and skills. They are proven professionals for every budget. Thanks to Pajmon, the Contractor receives competent staff (even for a moment: a day, a week, a month). However, often, after checking with the Business Partner’s company, such an employee either returns permanently or the contract is extended. The need for hands ready to work is constant, and when the virus crisis is ended, it is likely to increase. That is why it is worth thinking today on which employees it is worth to bet on. The Pajmon company deals with: service outsourcing, employee outsourcing and employee leasing. Thanks to this versatility, the existing Customers (only in the last two years, the company sent employees to over 120 Contractors) save time and do not incur unnecessary costs related to, among other things, administrative, HR and payroll services for the employee, conducting the recruitment process, supervision over the effectiveness and urgency of services and tasks performed by employees.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of working with Pajmon CPT sp.z o.o.? Information is provided by: Monika Cieślik, Management Board Office Assistant from Pajmon CPT, phone: 790 570 880, e-mail:


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