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How to obtain entire groups of professionals? What does outsourcing of services provide? Pajmon CPT advises

Do you want to have qualified groups of employees, save time and money? Check out Pajmon CPT. We operate quickly and efficiently, in line with the expectations of our clients.
Grupy fachowców, oszczędność czasu i pieniędzy. To możliwe! Sprawdź gotowe rozwiązania Pajmon CPT.

Do you want to save time and money and have qualified employees at the same time? Pajmon CPT sp.z o.o. understands the financial and human resources needs of Contractors and adjusts the offer to the individual preferences of its business Customers. If you need people to operate the production line in your workplace, want to recruit a group of builders, e.g. to finish the interior of buildings, or you are trying to find a team of experienced locksmiths, turners or warehouse workers to implement projects in your company, you’ve come to the right address. Pajmon CPT will provide your company with selected staff in terms of a specific order, industry, and skills.

Service outsourcing is becoming more and more popular in Poland. It is the delegation of tasks, functions and processes to an external company that specializes in a given field. Entrusting an external entity with a specific service allows enterprises to focus on fundamental and strategic processes and projects. Thus, the company can enhance its brand against the competition, build its capital and grow in strength, while transferring tasks for use to other entities. An external company delegates, depending on a specific service (e.g. building a house), its qualified staff with a supervisor (e.g. 10 builders with a foreman) to a specific task assigned (e.g. a house must be built within 6 months). Then the external company, i.e. Pajmon CPT, begins the entire preparation process. First, it estimates the team’s performance, then indicates the number of employees, the number of man-hours, shift duration, the order in which tasks are performed and the estimated time of completion of the entire project. However, the most important thing is the supervision of the manager, who controls the entire team, monitors the effects and timeliness of the service provided in order to successfully finalize the contract.

Such flexibility of operation and quick adaptation to the client’s needs result in a lower risk for the Contractor (e.g. periodic stoppage of works), which is also associated with lower costs of maintaining employment or looking for substitutes. If there are staffing gaps independent of external factors (illness, quarantine, dismissal), it is the responsibility of the external company – Pajmon CPT – to quickly provide a replacement. This is how it is successfully operating, also during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers also do not have to worry about the entire recruitment process, administrative and HR and payroll services of an employee, arranging their holidays, business trips, sick leaves, and even transport to the place where the service is performed (e.g. to a construction site), accommodation or the purchase of protective clothing. All these aspects are taken care of and ensured by the Pajmon company. In addition, the posted workers are trained in health and safety rules, have the required qualifications and authorizations to perform tasks in the workplace (they are meticulously checked), have all the necessary medical examinations, and have translations of all required documents. Therefore, focusing on outsourcing services in many industries today turns out to be an ideal solution and a great simplification for entrepreneurs who do not have to look for qualified employees on their own. Pajmon CPT will find them for you. Whom exactly?

Construction and renovation teams are urgently needed

With the onset of spring, construction crews became a wanted good. That is why it is worth using employees from the Pajmon company, which sends entire brigades to perform all construction works, such as: laying foundations and walls, reinforcing buildings, bricklaying, assembly, demolition, building concrete ceilings, work on scaffolding, formwork, roof trusses, plastering, finishing works: plastering, painting, tiling, minor alterations, laying panels and floors, building stairs, cabinets and shelves. In this industry, both general construction workers and typically construction workers, as well as: steel fixers, bricklayers, carpenters, carpenters, operators of construction equipment (e.g. excavators or bulldozers) will find employment. It is a job for men, often in difficult conditions (because of for example cold or noise), in good physical condition, with knowledge of construction art and appropriate qualifications and permissions (e.g. work at height, driving license). It is a profession for people who can use hand tools and power tools. These are the employees that the Pajmon company has in its database. Find out for yourself!

Managing production lines without any secrets

Who else does Pajmon CPT have in the candidate system? It would seem that finding production workers is child’s play. Such a person does not need to have any special qualifications, as long as they just want to work. Nothing could be more wrong! Increasingly, the willingness to work is not enough. What counts above all is: manual skills, precision, dutifulness, experience in the industry (yes!), or the ability to work in shifts and teamwork, as well as good eye-hand coordination. Knowing the specifics of working with the production line can be black magic for a layman, and quick implementation to perform their duties – a considerable challenge. That is why the Pajmon company has in its database selected production personnel with experience, and the entire brigades successfully find permanent employment, among others in the following industries: automotive, food, chemical, or, for example, metallurgical.

Production workers delegated by Pajmon are praised for their diligence, processing capacity, thoroughness and accuracy. These features are useful for them in their daily work, e.g. in poultry plants, where employees have many tasks and deal with, among others: slaughtering, boning or grading meat, as well as chicken filleting, and then quality control, weighing, labeling and packing elements of poultry meat and handing them over for shipment. Employees delegated by the Pajmon company also urgently perform their duties while operating production lines in factories producing, among others: toilet paper, coffee, cookies, ice cream, perfumes and various cosmetics. Employees recruited by Pajmon CPT are also waiting for employment with new Contractors for production of window elements, works in fish processing, or, for example, in the metal industry.

Employees delegated by Pajmon CPT also create specialized metallurgical products used in various industries that have many applications with entire teams in their workplaces. A diverse range of products manufactured at the request of Customers, short delivery times and the final quality of the products are the distinguishing features of the employees indicated by the Pajmon company. The manager of metallurgical products supervises the reliability of the works and the timeliness of the service and shipment of products to Contractors. Therefore, by entrusting their tasks to employees designated by Pajmon, many companies save their time and money by focusing on key projects.

The Pajmon company also has ready-made brigades of employees who can work in the production of elements for the automotive industry, including, for example, assembling both light plastic and aluminum components / assemblies used, among others. in the production of: dashboards, glove box covers, consoles, wipers, sills and other in cars, but also elements used, for example, to assemble semi-trailers. Such employees also deal with the quality control of components, as well as the confectioning and packaging of manufactured elements. Currently, the Pajmon company has employees who are also responsible for the production of various car accessories, interior elements, body and lighting, gearbox and systems: drive, brakes, steering, pneumatic and the entire suspension. Pajmon CPT also recommends experienced employees with good habits in the automotive sector, as well as servicing automated production machines, power tools and devices on the production line in accordance with applicable regulations.

Pajmon CPT also has employees who prepare cars and other vehicles for painting. Qualified personnel also checks products in accordance with the specifications, and if necessary, eliminates any disruptions in the production process.

Thus, employees delegated by Pajmon have the necessary authorizations and can, for example, operate forklifts or cranes, i.e. move manufactured products, entire pallets of goods in different directions and along a specific length of the track. Pajmon CPT also has a large group of warehouse workers, available immediately, who deal with the unloading and loading of goods, or the preparation of shipments to Contractors, as well as inventory control.

High quality of services provided, keeping an eye on order fulfillment dates – all this contributes to the competitiveness of companies on the market and reduction of costs. On the one hand, clients acquire specialists, and on the other – they effectively reduce costs related to employment.

Welding and locksmith supervision with a group of specialists

Pajmon CPT also has a whole group of competent welders, locksmiths and fitters, including those with the ability to graft. These specialists carry out commissioned works and know various welding methods: with the 111 method, MIG MAG and TIG (they specialize in: welding with coated electrodes; welding aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys; joining structural steels unalloyed, low-alloyed and high-alloyed; welding with a non-consumable tungsten electrode in an inert gas shield, such as argon, helium or their mixtures). The undoubted advantage of such employees is the quick implementation of the technological and welding process, the ease of acquiring new knowledge, the ongoing correction of errors, the implementation of quality plans and welding plans tailored to the needs of Customers.

Employees delegated by Pajmon CPT deal with the welding of individual products and their parts, the production of details, as well as the welding of entire structures, series of products ranging from a few to even several thousand pieces. Supervision over a group of employees is of course carried out by an expert in a given profession, who controls the entire team of employees, determines the compliance of the work performed with the project guidelines and the correctness of execution, and ensures a satisfactory end result in accordance with the previously established Customer requirements. Employees are characterized by precision and at the same time welding speed, which translates into low production costs and speed of service finalization.

However, these are not all of the professionals delegated to work in entire brigades that Pajmon CPT can send to plants throughout Poland. The company also has, among others teams ready to work and experienced: electricians with SEP qualifications to G2, turners, maintenance mechanics and many others.

Find out about all the benefits of working with Pajmon CPT and find out why outsourcing services is for you. Check how effective recruitment can connect the employer with employees and how easy it is to save time and money on employment with qualified employees. Information is provided by: Monika Cieślik, Management Board Office Assistant from Pajmon CPT, phone: 790 570 880, e-mail:


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