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Production workers are worth their weight in gold. Pajmon CPT provides entire brigades

Don't miss your chance and check us out. Pajmon CPT provides the employees you need The COVID-19 pandemic is not slowing down. An invisible enemy has forced employers to turn, especially towards outsourcing services, but employee leasing is also included in the price. Uncertainty is also creeping into many production plants that struggle with staffing problems. That is why entrepreneurs are more and more willing to employ temporary workers, including the ones from Ukraine. Pajmon Temporary Employment Center sp.z o.o. fills the staffing gaps all the time, providing typical production personnel.
Pracownicy produkcyjni nie tylko do branży automotive

With the beginning of spring, the demand for employees on contracts lasting from several months to even three years, especially from Ukraine, is growing on the labor market. Despite the pandemic, employers want to look for people for new projects or to supplement their deficit. The need for hands ready to work, despite blocked transports, shipments and deliveries, may appear practically overnight. Therefore, it is good to choose a company that understands such immediate needs and delegates new employees to work in the shortest possible time. This is how Pajmon CPT sp.z o.o. will deliver complete brigades to workplaces all over Poland – 10 people with a supervisor literally up to two weeks and individual specialists in just two days.

Qualified Pajmon CPT specialists for production plants

A production worker is a person who produces various products in the company, for the industries such as: automotive, chemical, construction, electronics, FMCG (fast moving goods, such as food or cleaning products) . We associate a production worker with working on a production line, where he checks various goods on the production line, selects them, sticks labels, and then places the products, sets them on pallets, packs and prepares for shipment. The entire process involves both employees at the conveyor belt – entire brigades, but also – depending on the specifics of a given workplace – also: palettes, packers, quality inspectors, assemblers, warehouse workers, forklift operators or operators of specialized machines. In this system, cooperation with other professionals is also important – incl. with maintenance specialists dealing, for example, with the repair of machines, their maintenance, or with logistics planning the entire supply chain and with shippers performing agreed transports. All the above-mentioned specialists effectively improve processes in production companies, affect the processing capacity and financial condition of enterprises.

Pajmon CPT understands how important it is to find professional staff quickly in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In its system, Pajmon has approx. 4,500 qualified employees from the East: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia and Moldova.


* 254 electricians, including electricians with SEP to G2 qualifications

* 250 welders, including the 111, 135, 136, 141 method

* 103 electromechanics

* 132 assemblers, including those with grafting skills

* 49 maintenance mechanics

* 409 builders

* 143 locksmiths

* 111 turners

* 413 production employees

* 51 machine operators

* 77 warehouse workers

* 83 cleaners

* 34 forklift operators

and many others, including specialists with niche skills.

Every month, the Pajmon company is able to send approx. 250 employees to work, of which approx. 50 people come to our country from abroad every week. Right now Pajmon CPT sees enormous interest in production workers, mainly from Ukraine, and therefore quickly responds to these needs. The company recruits, among others competent employees for the automotive sector, although the industry is still uncertain about its future. There are still periodic problems with the delivery to factories of components needed for production, as well as finished products, and delivered not only by road transport, but also by air transport.

Pajmon supports the automotive industry and other industries

The Pajmon company has ready-made brigades of employees for assembly and production positions. Candidates for various workplaces can assemble both light plastic and aluminum components / assemblies used, for example, in the production of: dashboards, glove box covers, consoles, wipers or thresholds, and others in cars, but also elements used, for example, to assemble semi-trailers. Currently, the Pajmon company has employees who are also responsible for the production of various car accessories, interior elements, body and lighting, gearbox and systems: drive, brakes, steering, pneumatic and the entire suspension. Pajmon CPT also recommends experienced employees with good habits in the automotive sector and, for example, in the machinery industry, including specializing in the operation of specialized machinery and equipment on the production line in accordance with the workplace instructions.

Employees delegated by Pajmon can still deal with the technical condition of machines, their maintenance and are able to timely implement assigned tasks and production plans, taking care of the continuity of the production process and quality standards of manufactured products. Pajmon CPT also has employees who prepare cars and other vehicles for painting. Qualified personnel also checks products in accordance with the specifications and, if necessary, eliminates any disruptions in the production process.

The Pajmon company prides itself on the fact that it has experienced electricians, mechanics, electromechanics in the system, who can find themselves in the field of electrics, automation, PLCs or CNC machine tools (lathes, milling machines). That is why the Pajmon company can send to work qualified: locksmiths, millers and turners, who can boast technical knowledge in the field of: mechanics, machining, machine construction, knowledge of technical documentation and measuring devices, and even machine programming. Specialists, including e.g. car mechanics or locksmiths – welders can repair metal parts. They can also work with a grinder and welding equipment, or use power tools. They also deal with e.g. welding of various machine elements and vehicle parts depending on the type of material and construction, and welding is carried out in accordance with the plan and procedures of a given workplace. Hence, in the employee database, the Pajmon company has welders using the MIG MAG TIG method (they specialize in: welding aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys; joining unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy structural steels; welding with a non-consumable tungsten electrode in an inert gas shield, such as : argon, helium or mixtures thereof).

It’s not everything. A large group of production workers delegated by Pajmon CPT are people needed for factories that produce: poultry or, for example, the manufacture of toilet paper. A strong representation include, among others employees who can work in poultry plants, from working at slaughter, through boning, filleting, to weighing, packing and preparing for shipment. The employees sent by Pajmon CPT who will handle the following processes on the production line will also fulfill their role in the future enterprises of the business client, who will handle the following processes: selection, labeling, logistics related to the hall (packing, loading) and those related to supplying and logistics outside the enterprise (deliveries and pickups) of products such as coffee, cookies, ice cream, toilet paper or cosmetics.

Pajmon CPT employees have good production habits

Pajmon CPT employees are able to select defective products, reliably carry out the production process, eliminating the aspects of rejecting products with defects, which effectively minimizes the costs of various defective goods and the occurrence of defects – hence the importance of working in quality control. Thus, the Contractor, cooperating with Pajmon, saves his time, minimizes costs and does not waste components. That is why the staff posted to workplaces by Pajmon CPT have good production habits. This means that such people are not taken from a round-up, and the products they produce are prepared, for example, for packaging in accordance with established company standards, including, for example, a predetermined basis weight. These are important aspects to avoid apparent savings, to build customer trust and loyalty to the company and good quality of manufactured products, and thus to increase the productivity of employees.

The personnel sent by the Pajmon company are also found in the construction sector. Here, employees deal with works from building reinforcement to the entire interior finishing.

– Our employees from the East are characterized by: reliability, diligence, good work organization and availability. We carefully verify their competences, and their manual skills often exceed Polish candidates. Our employees usually have technical and secondary vocational education, as well as higher education, usually in accordance with the future position. Due to the financial situation, foreigners come to us thinking about better financial status for their family and themselves. For this reason, workers from the East are often more motivated to work. Our country, our company provides such development opportunities – says Artur Czart, President of the Management Board of Pajmon CPT.

That is why the Pajmon company at the start makes an in-depth selection of employees’ qualifications and selects the best, profiled to the requirements of future business partners. These are important actions to prevent disappointments, to fully use the skills of employees and focus on their development. Due to the employees’ competency management strategy and the constant moderation of the candidate database, employees without qualifications are rejected at the very beginning or they are delegated to trainings. All this so that the Contractor receives employees who are reliable, trustworthy and hard-working.

Do you want to hire qualified and efficient employees from Ukraine, and at the same time reduce costs? Discover the cooperation model tailored to your needs offered by Pajmon CPT sp. z o.o. For more information, please contact: Monika Cieślik, Management Board Office Assistant from Pajmon CPT, phone: 790 570 880, e-mail:


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