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Fleeting moments are like butterflies, and eco-habits should be permanent. Also check us out in the business environment

We are green-minded… Pajmon CPT for the Planet. What are you doing to be eco? (part 2) “Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to Earth. Whatever happens to Earth will happen to man. Man has not woven the spider web of life - he is a thread in this spider web. So if he destroys the spider's web, he destroys himself. " Seattle chief Check how CPT employees care for ecology. Part 2 >>> #Pajmonpomaga #PajmondlaPlanety
Pracownicy Pajmon CPT dbają o Błękitną Planetę

Did you know that 20 percent of Amazon’s rainforests have disappeared from the face of the earth in the last 50 years? Did you know that when you don’t turn off the water while brushing your teeth, you can waste up to 11 liters of water? Did you know that a charger left in the socket without a mobile phone connected can use up to 1.5 W? The data is terrifying. Therefore, we must finally realize that even our daily habits can have an impact on the environment. How? When will you make changes to your life?

How do Pajmon CPT employees care for ecology? (part 2)

* Save paper (less important documents are printed on written from one side sheets).

* Remember to turn off the light, among others right after leaving the bathroom.

Remember, on Saturday, March 27. we are celebrating Earth Hour. On this day, turn off the lights or electrical appliances in your home for one hour. Be eco and help our “Blue Planet”.

* They are planning to plant flower meadows.

In the spring, the company will start such a project in Żory. Do you want to join us? Call us: 533 211 259. Every helping hand will be worth its weight in gold!

* They buy reusable goods (they quit using plastic bags).

Do you know that an average Pole uses approx. 400 plastic bags a year? He uses it, because he usually throws the plastic bag into the garbage can after shopping.

* They try to buy rationally (not in stock; only what they currently need).

* Employees who live close to the company choose to walk instead of traveling by car (usually in spring and summer).

* They don’t buy water in plastics, only in glass bottles and use a filter jug.

* They can spread ecological habits with others.

Also check us out in the business environment.

Pajmon CPT delegates temporary and permanent employees to various industries. The company has approximately 4,500 specialists from the East in its database. Among them are: electricians, locksmiths, turners, welders, mechanics, builders, operators of specialized machines, warehouse workers, production workers and many others. Pajmon CPT understands the staffing and financial needs of its clients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pajmon constantly sends competent employees to work, who effectively fill staff gaps and are able to close even a short contract. Pajmon CPT provides a flexible employee line, saving time and money – up to 40 percent.

Do you want to know more? Call: 790 570 880, Monika Cieślik, Management Board Office Assistant from Pajmon CPT, e-mail:


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