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Knowledge is a treasure

The labour market is dynamic. They want to develop the business and adapt the offer to the needs of consumers, we must constantly introduce changes and improvements.

For this purpose, knowledge is an indispensable element, which allows us to build a strategy based on facts, not assumptions. Furthermore, long-term strategies allow for dynamic changes and adaptation to the situation.

Be two steps ahead of the competition and do not let anyone overtake You.

Pajmon posiada ISO 9001:2015

The customer comes first. The best strategy for your business

What company can you trust? What should you know about your business partner? Check if the company you plan to cooperate with has ISO 9001:2015 – quality management system. This standard puts the Customer in the center and emphasizes the process approach in the company, which, when properly defined, built, conducted and constantly improved, contributes to the development of the company, increase of the company’s quality policy consistent with its activities and goals.

Serhii Havryliuk jest rekruterem w Krakowie

Serhii Havryliuk: Poland is my second home

He comes from Kiev, Ukraine, but feels at home in Poland. Serhii Havryliuk is very fond of talking to people. He also has voluntary and international experience. #EkipaPajmona

Messi and Prisca did not “get along” with Aggressor

How are the Geoffroy’s cats in the Silesian Zoo, that were adopted by the Pajmon CPT company? As it turns out, the animals are doing well. Unfortunately, they could not “get along” with the skunk, called Aggressor by the guardians, so they were separated from each other. Now their companions are armadillos. What does their typical day look like?

Betonowe miasta

Concrete cities, and there… 120 square meters of happiness

Our cities are still drowned in concrete and the roads are bursting at the seams. The noise of big city streets, constant chase, no time to rest results in frustration, sinister looks, overwhelming sadness … Although it could be otherwise. There is a little antidote for that.

Nowoczesne technologie są na topie

Modern technologies and savings

Electronic employee files stored in an encrypted archive, specialized personnel operating in fully automated workshops – this is not a distant future, but the present in many Polish enterprises. Modern technologies are on top.

Zbigniew Górski: He did not become a sailor out of love for a woman

Zbigniew Górski wanted to be a sailor throughout his childhood. He loves gardening and his five grandchildren are the apple of his eye. He has been the operational manager at Pajmon CPT for a year. He considers the company as a very reliable and responsible employer. The article is part of the #DrużynaPajmona series. Soon comes another interview with different Pajmon CPT employee. Stay with us.

A banker who recruits Ukrainians

Viacheslav Koretskyi has been working for Pajmon CPT for over a year. He is a recruiter in Krakow. In his spare time, he likes to fish (he immediately releases them into the water) and pick mushrooms. He loves his family home in Ukraine.

#BeeChallenge. Do you dare to take part in it?

#BeeChallenge is for everyone. #BeeChallenge is for the brave. When will you attend it?
#BeeChallenge. A challenge like no other. It draws attention to the decrease in the bee population. It takes so little to help. Open your eyes! Did you know that 1/3 of the global food consumed by humans is the result of honeybee pollination? Did you know that bees need to visit nearly 8.5 million acacia flowers to collect 1 kilogram of honey? Learn the #BeeChallenge rules. Do you dare to take part in it?

Ms. Monika from special tasks

When she was only 5, she told the priest during advent dawn mass, that she would become an accountant. 15 years later she made her childhood dream come true. Today Monika Cieślik is an invoice clerk and assistant at the Pajmon CPT Management Board Office. She has a fiancé from Ukraine, and her two guinea pigs are the apple of her eye.