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Serhii Havryliuk: Poland is my second home

He comes from Kiev, Ukraine, but feels at home in Poland. Serhii Havryliuk is very fond of talking to people. He also has voluntary and international experience. #EkipaPajmona

Serhii Havryliuk is a recruiter at Pajmon CPT. His current living place is in Cracow. He has been staying in Poland for 3.5 years and liked our country so much that he decided to settle here permanently. He treats Poland as his second home.

– I have many friends in Poland. I love Cracow and Zakopane. When I was temporarily living in France, I used to come to Poland on New Year’s Eve or on holidays. Now I really appreciate the fact that I live in this beautiful country – says 28-year-old Serhii Havryliuk, who has stayed in various parts of Europe in his lifetime.

Volunteer and international experience

Mr. Serhii participated, among others in voluntary projects in France, cooperating with Alternative-V and EVS. What are these organizations?

The Ukrainian Association of Youth Co-operation “Alternative-V” is a non-profit non-governmental organization. It facilitates cooperation between youth organizations, including international ones. It focuses on the involvement of youth from Ukraine in programs in the field of education, culture, ecology, protection of historical inheritance and assistance to victims. In turn, EVS (European Voluntary Service) is an international volunteering program financed by the European Commission. It enables young people to do international volunteering in an organization or public authority in different parts of the world. The aim of this program is to strengthen relations between representatives of different cultures, and to spread tolerance among young people from different countries. It is also important to promote the idea of ​​the local community or to focus on active citizenship among young people.

A recruiter from Cracow who loves to cook

Mr. Serhii in Ukraine worked in industries related to marketing, advertising and HR. He has always valued contact with people in his daily work. – When I came to Cracow, I attended a Polish language course for the first year. I had my own business at the time and talked to clients a lot. I liked it a lot, but during this time I missed work related to personnel management. So when a job offer at Pajmon CPT appeared, I applied for the position of a recruitment specialist. That is why today I work at Pajmon CPT in the office in Cracow – says Serhii Havryliuk, who comes from Kiev, Ukraine.

What does Mr. Serhii do outside of work in his spare time? – In winter I like skiing, and in warmer seasons I spend my time by a lake or some river. Besides, I love cooking – adds Serhii Havryliuk.

The article is part of the #EkipaPajmona series.

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