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They disappear from the face of the Earth … Let’s create a friendly home for them

We save bees and plant flower meadows. Join the #PajmondlaPlanety action “Man is great not by what he owns but by what he is; not by what he has, but by what he shares with others”. John Paul II They die quietly and alone. They lack food and a friendly home all over the world. This is a global problem that we can change, starting with our little homeland, our own city. We are talking about bees, the population of which is rapidly declining year by year. Pajmon Temporary Employment Center sp. z o.o. initiated the #PajmondlaPlanety campaign, under which it will plant flower meadows in Żory in May this year and thus help bees. Take an example from us! Each of us can help and save these little creatures. So little, and so much, you can do to change the world.
Ratujemy pszczoły i sadzimy łąki kwietne

Did you know that 1/3 of the global food eaten by humans is the result of pollination by honeybees? Did you know that bees have to visit nearly 8.5 million acacia flowers to collect 1 kilogram of honey? Did you know that one bee can produce only 1/12 teaspoon of honey during its lifetime? The statistics give food for thought. These tiny insects take on a tremendous amount of responsibilities for the good of everyone. Unfortunately, many of us underestimate this. Each of us, however, can make a small gesture in our immediate surroundings to bring more bees to our cities. Everyone will benefit. The easiest way is to plant flower meadows – this is a trend that is gaining more and more interest every year.

We encourage you to join the #PajmondlaPlanety campaign, under which Pajmon CPT sp. z o.o. in May this year will sow honey plants in Żory (a city in the Silesian Voivodeship, for a good start), because man lives not only by business alone. The Pajmon company delegates temporary and permanent workers to plants all over Poland. Pajmon CPT provides reliable and experienced specialists, mainly from Ukraine to various industries. We have about 4,500 candidates in our database, including a large group of: locksmiths, welders, electricians, construction workers, specialist machine operators, warehouse workers, production workers and many others. Our employees are already looking forward to the start of the #PajmondlaPlanety campaign.

Why is it worth planting flower meadows?

Flower meadows not only smell beautiful, but also look stunning, creating a multi-colored carpet. If they catch people’s eyes, then they tempt, first of all, the bees, which get the food they need to survive. It is also their home and harbor, and in winter also a shelter for many other wild insects and small animals. Did you know that only in one meadow we can encounter up to 300 species of plants and animals? It’s a complex ecosystem that lives on all the time!

– The decline in the number of pollinating insects and honey plants is a real problem, and we want to reverse this disturbing trend through the #PajmondlaPlanety campaign. We believe that sowing flower meadows is a good direction of change. This is a natural way to support wildlife and get an ecological air filter. Flower meadows with the wealth of anti-smog plants not only improve the aesthetics of our cities and provide food for pollinating insects, but also effectively clean the air of various dust and other pollutants. We will all benefit from this project. The benefits of our actions will be noticed by the next generations. That is why we encourage you to help bees and to plant flower meadows – says Artur Czart, President of the Management Board of Pajmon CPT.

The first companies join the #PajmondlaPlanety action. Euromot from Żory, a car dealer of the brands: Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fiat Professional and Jeep, understands the importance of helping bees and planting flower meadows. – My parents had a farm, and I still have a desire to help nature. I really like the idea of ​​planting flower meadows and saving the bees, so I am happy to join the action – says Weronika Pawlicka-Jaworska, president of Euromot.

Flower meadows – experts for special tasks

Flower meadows turn wasteland and brushwood into a lush ecosystem full of poppies, clover, mullein, lavender, cornflowers, buttercups, yarrows and other honey plants and herbs. Thanks to them, we get a greater supply of pollen and nectar, which are essential for the life of pollinating insects. Interestingly, flower meadows can appear literally anywhere, also in hard-to-reach places, exposed to intense air pollution, on poorly fertile soils. Colorful carpets with honey plants decorate in many cities not only city parks, green belts, roadsides, but also, for example, tracks, degraded places, areas close to busy roads, where they often catch on and improve the aesthetics of the area. Ultimately, each of us can also have a fragment of our own decorative meadow in a pot on the balcony or terrace, and even on … the roof of the house.

Today you can take the first step yourself and place a pot on the balcony or terrace with popular flowering ornamental plants, vegetables, or herbs rich in nectar and pollen (these are, for example: lemon balm, mint, thyme, basil, sage, lavender, verbena, or heather).

Do you want to save money? Bet on flower meadows

Maintaining flower meadows does not take long. We usually mow them once or twice a year, and by comparison ordinary lawns – even 20 times. However, these are not all the benefits.

Flower meadows help to store water and are resistant to periodic droughts. As it turns out, many honey plants have at least a dozen times longer roots than ordinary lawns. This means that we really save on watering them. These colorful carpets also grow quickly on their own and do not require fertilization. Thus, soil, environment, and air benefit from it. Honey plants are recommended in places that fight smog – they catch micro-dust and other types of pollution, and also lower the air temperature. As it turns out, only 1 square meter of a flower meadow can clean the air as efficiently as, for example, a five-year-old tree. Just planting such a tree is much more expensive. It also takes up more water than our honey plants.

Each of our actions for the sisters and brothers Maja and Gucio is worth its weight in gold. It is also good for wild insects. Flower meadows enrich the urban landscape, the arrangement around the house, private or city gardens. Everyone wins on planting honey plants, and we will reap profits for years.

If You also want to help bees and create large areas of colorful flower meadows, call: 533 211 259 – Katarzyna Śleziona-Kołek, Marketing and Public Relations Director at Pajmon CPT, e-mail: We are happy to share our experience, transfer contacts to experts, including beekeepers and ecologists, etc.


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