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Bee Challenge for our little friends

About #PajmondlaPlanety campaign, Bee Challenge and everyday help from businesspeople - interview with Katarzyna Śleziona-Kołek, Marketing and PR Director at Pajmon CPT sp. z o.o.

Man does not live by business alone…

That’s true. Pajmon CPT sp. z o.o. undertakes many initiatives related to corporate social responsibility. Our employees try to live according to the Zero Waste principle, promote eco-friendly activities, support local institutions, help children from orphanages… We are especially proud of our campaign #PajmondlaPlanety, which includes, among others, planting flower meadows and helping bees. We will provide these small insects food and create a friendly home for them. In May this year, we will sow the first honey plants in the Municipal Bee Bee Apiary in Żory. We plan to inaugurate the apiary in the second half of June. We are preparing the event with the Municipal Community Center in Żory. It will be lots of fun!

What attractions are you preparing for the opening of the apiary in Żory?

We have a few surprises in store. But I don’t want to reveal too much. I can only say that we want to enthuse a lot of people all over Poland and… Ukraine and we do that successfully. We are very hopeful about our project. Our employees from Ukraine, whom we delegate to various enterprises throughout Poland, are especially involved in it. Interestingly, they initiated planting flower meadows. We are also happy that more and more companies are joining our #PajmondlaPlanety campaign. We started dialogue with the Euromot company from Żory, and other businesses followed in their footsteps. Many establishments and famous people cheer us on. We managed to get interested in the action, among others Weronika Marczuk, who is currently leading the #GreeningofthePlanet tree planting campaign with great success and accepted our invitation to the opening of an apiary in Żory. Our topic is particularly close to her as she is involved in building hives on roofs.

Why is it worth helping and planting flower meadows?

“Man is happy in proportion to what he gives. Sometimes I think it doesn’t matter what you give: just give. What matters is what we give from ourselves” – said Louis Bromfield, an American writer and ecologist. We agree with this quote wholeheartedly in our company. A small gesture is enough, e.g., sowing plants and herbs rich in pollen and nectar in a pot on your balcony or joining our action. This is important because everyone benefits from planting flower meadows and helping bees. After all, 1/3 of the world’s food production depends on these insects. They are very hardworking and intelligent creatures. For the production of approx. 0.3 kg of honey, bees have to travel nearly 89,000 kilometers and sit on 2 million flowers. Interestingly, bees have a special biological clock inside them that tells them when a given plant emits nectar. These are brilliant insects that we underestimate and even fear. As for flower meadows. Everyone will surely agree with me that flower meadows are a huge improvement in the image of our cities, additionally creating a home not only for bees, but also for many other wild insects. In addition, many species of honey plants purify the air – are anti-smog, protect against drought by retaining water. It also means that we water them much less frequently than regular lawns, and we also mow them infrequently throughout the year – once or twice is enough. The Pajmon company wants to change the face of cities, wants to save bee populations. Therefore, we are about to start another Bee Challenge project. Initially, it was supposed to concern only our employees, but we decided to increase the range of its impact and encourage representatives of other companies, not only those cooperating with us, to take up this challenge. 

What is the Bee Challenge?

Bee Challenge is an original project of the Pajmon company. The challenge is to take a photo of yourself in flower or bee colored outfit and post it on your social media profile. It is enough to put on a multicolored blouse, T-shirt or, for example, socks (referring to flower meadows) or an element of clothing in black and yellow (referring to bees) as part of the #PajmondlaPlanety campaign. Persons and companies (their representatives) nominated to complete the challenge must publish the photo on their social media, e.g., on Facebook or LinkedIN, within two weeks from the nomination. Photographs should be provided with the hashtag #beechallenge and new persons or companies should be nominated. Such a challenge costs us nothing and draws attention to the problem of decreasing bee population. We don’t ask anyone to dress up as bees or flowers, that would be too much! We do not want to make a revolution in corporate clothing or in everyday office outfits. It’s about putting on even a small element of your garment in the colors of our action. Gentlemen can wear a floral tie or yellow and black socks, and ladies can pin a flower-shaped brooch, wear a yellow blouse and elegant black pants. Of course, we focus on creativity in good faith. I would like to remind you that thanks to the Bee challenge, we pay attention to the need to help our little friends.

Everyone can save our environment, for example by helping bees and planting flower meadows, both children and adults, no matter what their profession is. We can all change the world.

The most important thing is to help right here and now, at this moment, starting from your city, immediate surroundings. We can start small. Action is the most important because we can inspire others with it. It does not matter whether we are several or a dozen years old, whether we are old of age, whether we are a driver, teacher, lawyer or president of a large company. Our willingness is what counts. By changing the world, we change ourselves. To conclude, I will use a quote again. Brian Tracy, a Canadian writer once said: “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. The losers always ask: What will you give me for this? ” Let us remember that good comes back to us. I encourage you to join our #PajmondlaPlanety campaign.


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