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No time? No relationship? The art of time management by Pajmon CPT

How to effectively manage your time in order to have time to work and relax? The point is not to work hart, but efficiently, setting priorities and focusing on the implementation of urgent and important tasks rather than less important ones. The CPT Pajmon reveals five golden rules. "Lack of time is really a lack of priorities" said Tim Ferriss, an American entrepreneur and writer
Sztuka zarządzania czasem. Nie brakuje nam czasu, tylko priorytetów

Yes! You can manage your time efficiently and without stress, having enough time for yourself and for others. How to do it? Suggests Pajmon CPT.

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Five principles of good time management according to Pajmon CPT:

1. Set your priorities. Focus on the most important tasks. First, perform urgent and crucial duties that are of greatest value to your business. Write them down every day. Appreciate every minute and hour of your work. Stay focused, combine similar tasks into packages. Avoid distractions. Don’t put off tasks for later. Remember: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” (Cyril Northcote Parkinson, British historian and writer). So use your personal potential. Good habits get into the blood.

2. “Begin by thinking about the end.” As you start doing some work, think about what you want to achieve: what steps you will have to take, what obstacles you will encounter in order to achieve your goal. As the American writer Stephen Covey used to say: “start by thinking about the end.” While carrying out your tasks, think about what you can improve in your work, what your work looked like in the past, what you were satisfied with and what you were not pleased with. Draw conclusions and don’t make the same mistakes in the present. Make better decisions.

3. Delegate tasks. If you can, delegate tasks to others or ask for help. This is not a sign of weakness, but courage. Remember the “70 percent” rule, which says: “If someone can do a task 70 percent as well as you, you can delegate that task to others.” However, set a specific deadline for your subordinates, formulate standards for the performance of the task. Do not stack yourself responsibilities, do not do everything for others. Don’t feel that taking on multiple tasks will make you more productive for your business. Others, too, can get the job done as well as you.

4. Give yourself permission to change. If you already have a detailed plan of action, priorities and you predict that you will manage to deal with everything in a given time … Meanwhile, you are given new responsibilities, urgent tasks to be performed … What is your first thought: I will not make it, can I do it? Remember that two people may react differently to the same thing. How will you approach it?

5. Most importantly: have time for loved ones. Relationships take … time that runs at its own pace. Meanwhile, to build relationships with children, family and friends you need to find… time. The ties can either tighten or blur. You have a choice. Even the busiest people in the world can find even a second to hug their child, three minutes to call a loved one, or 10 minutes to drink coffee with a friend. Relationships are not just looking at the other person when he is sleeping, or at his picture or at your child, when he is playing alone in the room… Relationships are about spending more time with another person, talking together, having fun… Someday this time may not be available. Someday it may already be too late.

How do You manage your time? What are Your thoughts?


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