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Ms. Monika from special tasks

When she was only 5, she told the priest during advent dawn mass, that she would become an accountant. 15 years later she made her childhood dream come true. Today Monika Cieślik is an invoice clerk and assistant at the Pajmon CPT Management Board Office. She has a fiancé from Ukraine, and her two guinea pigs are the apple of her eye.

Who do you want to be in the future? An accountant!

 – From an early age, I said that I wanted to become an accountant like my mother. I remember when I was 5, the priest asked the children during advent dawn mass who they wanted to become in the future. I answered into the microphone that I wanted to be an accountant like my mother. Of course, everyone laughed, because other children talked about policemen, doctors, veterinarians – recalls Monika Cieślik, who is today an accountant at Pajmon CPT. Despite her young age, she is characterized by professionalism and knowledge. One could say she is a “special tasks accountant”.

 – I mainly deal with accounting and invoicing for services provided by the company and seconded employees. I also calculate salaries for each employee separately.  These are my main responsibilities. In addition, I deal with the current service of regular and new contractors, including offerings – emphasizes Monika Cieślik and immediately adds: – My contract also includes the position of an assistant to the Management Board Office. I deal with daily, current tasks issued by the Board.  Sometimes I also go with employees to the lab or to the station. I like it very much because I have the opportunity to meet new people.

At Pajmon CPT, we create a small family

It is the opportunity to meet and talk with new people that Ms. Monika appreciates the most. Although work can be stressful, it gives her a lot of satisfaction.

 – I really like human contact. However, the most difficult moments for me are when the phone is constantly ringing. The beginning of the month is also quite stressful. I have to make sure that every company sends EVERY person’s hours and that no one is left out. That is when I have the most work – says Monika Cieślik, who feels that thanks to working at Pajmon CPT she is developing professionally and gaining valuable experience. – I am glad that the management has noticed my potential and has been leading me in the right direction from the beginning – adds Ms. Monika, who has been working at Pajmon CPT for two years now.

 – Immediately after graduating from the technical school, I worked for a year in an accounting office as a HR and payroll clerk. I have been associated with this office since my school days. I worked in the same position every summer. I also started with the same position at Pajmon CPT. However, by the decision of the Management Board my profession changed towards accounting and it has remained so until today – recalls Monika Cieślik. A friend from university, Anna Flig, currently the HR and Payroll Manager at Pajmon CPT, brought her to the company. – Thanks to Ania, I work here. I in turn brought my colleague Damian Palenga, today the Sales Coordinator at Pajmon CPT, to our company. So, our little family started to grow – she adds with a smile.

Currently, Ms. Monika is finishing her studies at the University of Economics in Katowice in the field of Finance and Accounting with a specialization in Accounting and Auditing. It is in this direction that she wants to develop further. – In a year I will try to get into the system of exams preparing for the profession of a statutory auditor. This is my dream, but it is very expensive and time-consuming – says our accountant.

Books, typical tutoring, but there is also Norwegian language and design

What does she like to do in her free time? – I am tutoring the daughter of my friends from Ukraine, who is in the second grade in one of the primary schools in Rybnik in general subject. In my free time I like reading books, meeting friends, riding a bike and drawing – lists Ms. Monika. As it turns out, she also has a designer’s sense.

 – I am glad that I designed my own tattoo which I have on my right arm. This is my drawing only recreated by the tattoo artist – she adds proudly. Besides, she is a great polyglot. – I like learning foreign languages. In my spare time, I learn the basics of the Norwegian language. By working at Pajmon CPT and through my fiancé from Ukraine, I also learn Russian and Ukrainian every day. In addition, I have had contact with the English language since I was a child. I use it on at least B2 level. Furthermore, from middle school until graduation, I had a lot of contact with the French language – emphasizes Ms. Monika.

Fiancé and friends from Ukraine

At work, she has frequent contact with employees from the East. By a twist of fate, she met her fiancé among foreigners. – I have a fiancé from Ukraine who I would not have met if I had not worked at Pajmon CPT. My fiancé does not “come” from our company, but I met him because he lived in the same hostel as Alina and Artem, coordinators from Pajmon CPT – says Monika Cieślik.

After a short meeting with a group of friends “on the town” in Rybnik, where Dima was as well, Ms. Monika knew that he was a very valuable man. – Two months later we moved in together. Six months later we got engaged. We are currently applying for the possibility of getting married in Poland, reveals our accountant who likes to come home after work. Where there are two guinea pigs waiting for her: Steve and Roger.

As it turns out, Ms. Monika has a large group of friends among Ukrainians today. She appreciates the citizens of this country very much.

 – Thanks to my work at Pajmon CPT, I learned Russian and Ukrainian, which I now fully understand. I also try to speak these languages ​​in my daily life with my fiancé and friends. My inner barrier and fear of meeting new people are gone. I am in contact with a group of about 14 people from Ukraine. I do not feel uncomfortable with them at all, and they also do not treat me as a stranger. I get along well with the citizens of Ukraine, my cool friends – adds Monika Cieślik.

The article is part of the #EkipaPajmona series.

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