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#BeeChallenge. Do you dare to take part in it?

#BeeChallenge is for everyone. #BeeChallenge is for the brave. When will you attend it? #BeeChallenge. A challenge like no other. It draws attention to the decrease in the bee population. It takes so little to help. Open your eyes! Did you know that 1/3 of the global food consumed by humans is the result of honeybee pollination? Did you know that bees need to visit nearly 8.5 million acacia flowers to collect 1 kilogram of honey? Learn the #BeeChallenge rules. Do you dare to take part in it?

Everyone can help here and now

By participating in the Bee Challenge, we raise awareness of the need to help our little friends. The most important thing is to help right here and now, at this moment, starting from your city, immediate surroundings. We can begin with small things. The most importantly we have to act, because that is how we can inspire others. It is not whether we have several or a dozen of years, whether we are old of age, whether we are a driver, teacher, lawyer or a president of a large company. Our willingness is what counts. By changing the world, we change ourselves.

#BeeChallenge RULES

#BeeChallenge is the original Pajmon CPT project.

To participate:

  1. Take a photo in an outfit styled with flower or bee prints and colors and publish it on your profile (company’s / institution’s profile) on social media (Fb, In). It is enough to show one or two people in the photo, representatives of the company / institution.
  2. Tag the photo with the hashtag #BeeChallenge.
  3. Nominate more people / companies. Realization time: two weeks from the date of nomination.

ATTENTION! You have not been nominated and you support our action? Post your photo with the appropriate styling in the comment under the post on our company’s Facebook or LinkedIn.

The #BeeChallenge challenge costs us nothing

The #BeeChallenge challenge costs us nothing, and draws attention to the decrease in the bee population. We don’t ask anyone to dress up as bees or flowers, let’s not exaggerate! We do not want to revolutionize corporate clothing or everyday office outfits. It is about putting on even a small element of an attire in the colors of the action. Gentlemen can wear a floral tie or yellow and black socks, and ladies can pin a flower-shaped brooch, wear a yellow blouse and elegant black pants. Of course, we focus on creativity.

#BeeChallenge is part of the #PajmonDlaPlanety campaign

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