Pajmon CPT is a company that offers work in many industry segments.

We support both the Polish economy and support our people: #pajmonpomaga. Our support is possible thanks to the services we provide to 57 contractors – financially stable entities that respect human work just as we do.


Maintenance Mechanic

Pajmon CPT offers employment in a company dealing with renovation processes, in a large and stable enterprise located in Głogów.

EmployerPAJMON CPT sp. z o.o.
WORK TIME8-12 hours


  • Reliable performance of entrusted duties
  • Ability to perform many tasks under time pressure
  • Experience in working in a similar position
  • Diligence and commitment to the entrusted work


  • Ongoing removal of failures,
  • Carrying out machine inspections
  • Ability to repair basic equipment
  • Repair of defects in the facility
  • Providing technical support to employees


  • We guarantee stable employment
  • Salary from $ 1200 with a minimum of 220 hours of work.
  • Documents allowing legal work
  • A medical examination at the employer’s expense
  • We provide accommodation in rooms for 2-4 persons in comfortable conditions
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


Monika Cieslik

+48 790 570 880