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Modern technologies and savings

Electronic employee files stored in an encrypted archive, specialized personnel operating in fully automated workshops - this is not a distant future, but the present in many Polish enterprises. Modern technologies are on top.
Nowoczesne technologie są na topie

Modern technologies in many Polish companies are a standard, and for example digitization of documents is a huge benefit. Materials stored in digital form, managing scans, allow you to save space in the office and reduce the workload of employees from various departments of the company. Contractors gain more effective and faster service, which is also sped up by remote as well as safe sharing of confidential documents. Modern functionalities introduced in companies clearly show that we are developing dynamically and we follow the times, adjusting our standards of operation to other European and highly developed countries. How many Polish companies want to go in this direction? Certainly one of them is Pajmon CPT, which delegates permanent and temporary workers, mainly from Ukraine, to various enterprises throughout Poland.

How to get a qualified employee at low costs and following the spirit of advancing technology? Is it possible to: have a professional worker with good earnings, and at the same time delegate him to the workplace that will save money because of it? Yes, it is possible. It turns out that companies that receive a competent employee in their profession related to, for example, broadly understood industries, e.g. robotics or automation, can save, among others recruitment time and money spent on for example personnel and administrative departments. How to become one of such enterprises? How to effectively implement modern technologies in your businesses? It is worth to use the services of companies such as Pajmon CPT, which deals with service outsourcing, staff outsourcing and employee leasing. Pajmon CPT comprehensively carries out procedures related to the legalization of employment of foreigners, mainly from Ukraine. The company provides all the necessary documents thanks to which foreigners can legally work and live in Poland. How can we deal with the circulation of employee documents today?

Modern technologies and the meaning of electronic employee documents

More and more companies, including Pajmon CPT, understand the significance of having an electronic employee database. Virtual files are a good supplement or an alternative to paper versions of documents. This is because many businesses care about ecology, they do not want to waste printer paper by printing tons of files. For Now, in many companies, cabinets and shelves bend under the weight of document binders. Interestingly, one employee’s file may contain dozens of sheets of various documents. However, when the company has thousands of employees, closets are filled to the brim with documents. Among the files – in the case of, for example, outsourcing companies also dealing with employee leasing – we can find paper version of among others: employment contracts with an employee from outside Poland or concluded with Poles, permits / declarations to perform work, photocopies of identity cards and passports, various types of tax settlement documents, medical examinations or confirmations of various bank transfers. Meanwhile, all these documents could be scanned and digitalized. Does it make sense?

As it turns out, electronic employee archives and electronic signing of documents accelerate the process of document circulation between the employer and employee, their archiving, without using unnecessary sheets of paper.

On January 1, 2019, new regulations regarding shortening of the storage period for employee files and their electronification came into force. The amendment introduced i.e. the possibility of keeping employee documentation in electronic form and in accordance with Article 94 paragraph 1 of that law:  “The employer may change the version of the documentation that he keeps and stores”. And further in paragraph 2 we read: “The change of employee documentation from paper to electronic takes place by preparing a digital reproduction, in particular a scan, and affixing it with a qualified electronic signature or a qualified electronic seal of the employer or a qualified electronic signature of a person authorized by the employer, confirming the compatibility of the digital copy with a paper document “.

What does it mean? As it turns out, a qualified electronic signature is just as valid as a handwritten signature. Meanwhile, a qualified electronic seal of the employer confirms the authenticity of the document. Scans of all the most important documents can be stored in an electronic and encrypted archive. These documents bear the signature of the employer or a person authorized on behalf of the company (e.g. a human resources employee) who signs with his qualified electronic signature.

However, it should be remembered that electronic employee files should be stored in accordance with the principles of confidentiality, were complete and protected against possible destruction and easily accessible. Today, documentation related to the employment relationship and personal files of employees (employee records) are kept for a period of 10 years after the termination of the contract with the employee or after its expiry.

It is worth adding that the coordinators from Pajmon CPT provide assistance in translating all the necessary documents, including helping foreigners, for example, to set up a bank account in Poland (during a visit to a bank). This streamlines the process of transferring monthly compensation to the recipient’s account. It happens, however, that some companies share this process and pay some of the money directly to their employees.

How to get specialists from Ukraine. Modern technologies are no strangers to them

Today, Polish employers are looking for workers with low qualifications, e.g. to work in production, but also employees with experience and specialized skills. Thus, employees are delivered to the specific order of the Contractor. Polish entrepreneurs are also looking for an opportunity to hire professionals from outside Poland in order to: have employees for a short contract (not permanently), and secondly, to have experts in a specific profession. That is why foreigners from across the eastern border are today the driving force behind many Polish workplaces that use, for example, specialized machines in their daily work. Modern technologies are no strangers to many of our neighbors from across the eastern border.

Currently, the Polish labor market is actively looking for, among other, operators of numerically controlled CNC machine tools: lathes and milling machines. They are used in various industries, both for mass and unit production of many different products. However, to operate these machines, workers must have appropriate skills. Hence, it is necessary to employ specialists both for operation and programming of the devices. Meanwhile, many Polish entrepreneurs express their doubts as to the skills of Ukrainians in this area. Therefore, the role of Pajmon CPT coordinators in this case remains important, as they thoroughly verify the competences of candidates for the profession and, if necessary, send them to on-the-job training. As a result, they help employees to adapt to the specificity of their duties in the new workplace.

In order to be competitive, also in confrontation with Polish workers, Ukrainians must have other advantages. Workplace owners appreciate skills such as: knowledge of reading technical drawings, modern technologies, machining skills and knowledge of cutting tools, the ability to use measuring tools: micrometer, depth gauge or caliper, as well as competences related to periodic inspection of the machines, knowledge of industrial / technical issues, the ability to work at a high level of precision. Meanwhile, employees from across the eastern border do not lack the above-mentioned competences, and – which representatives in many workplaces appreciate – are head and shoulders above Poles. It is about values ​​such as: greater than Poles willingness to work in a three-shift system, flexibility in various working hours, and even commitment to perform assigned duties. Citizens from across the eastern border want to work with us a lot and earn good money, and Polish workplaces provide them with it.

Is it possible to obtain a qualified employee from Ukraine in a very short time? As it turns out, hiring employees through companies such as Pajmon CPT, which handles service outsourcing, employee outsourcing and employee leasing, is very safe. Recruited candidates for various industries, including many specialists, have all the necessary permits and documents, receive assistance in dealing with formal issues (visas, travel). Organizational, HR and payroll matters related to employee service are also the responsibility of companies such as Pajmon CPT. In the event of an employee’s absence or leave, Pajmon CPT is able to quickly provide a replacement with similar qualifications.

Pajmon has a database of 4,500 candidates, including a large group of specialists with niche skills. Each posting of an employee is correlated with setting an individual rate for him, in accordance with the Contractor’s will, and in case of doubts as to his qualifications, the Pajmon company sends such a person for training to improve his qualifications.

What professionals are currently top of the job market? As it turns out, in addition to operators of specialized machines, they also include: welders, fitters, electricians, installers of steel structures, carpenters and others. Currently, entrepreneurs also report their willingness to employ experienced electricians, mechanics, electromechanics, mechatronics and automation specialists. The interest in MIG, MAG, TIG welders is also not weakening. All of the above specialists must quickly find themselves in the broadly understood areas: electricity, automation or PLC controllers. Today, there are many job offers for programmers related to automation systems, or for PLC programmers who create system architecture and control algorithms, know the technical requirements related to various applications and are able to implement them in industrial facilities, as well as have highly developed analytical thinking skills and are able to solve current technical problems arising in a given enterprise.

Modern factories in Poland, modern technologies at the highest European level, and in them foreign-speaking employees? It is commonplace in many workplaces. Polish entrepreneurs need professionals with specialized skills and if they can save, they decide to employ, among others, citizens from Ukraine. They, just like Poles, can be the driving force and affect the processing capacity of workplaces. Currently, many companies move with the times and introduce a lot of innovations, also in HR and payroll services for employees, in order to effectively save time and money.

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