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Zbigniew Górski: He did not become a sailor out of love for a woman

Zbigniew Górski wanted to be a sailor throughout his childhood. He loves gardening and his five grandchildren are the apple of his eye. He has been the operational manager at Pajmon CPT for a year. He considers the company as a very reliable and responsible employer. The article is part of the #DrużynaPajmona series. Soon comes another interview with different Pajmon CPT employee. Stay with us.

– I highly appreciate Pajmon CPT for the discipline, punctuality and passion of the managers. I appreciate the company for its visions and personal commitment, a good example of not only business values ​​- this is what Zbigniew Górski, an acoustic engineer by education, who is currently an operational manager at Pajmon CPT, says about his employer. On a daily basis, he works in a huge industrial plant in the Lesser Poland province. – My work is associated with a large industrial plant, where, as a works manager, I deal with the organization of work, but also with the social aspect of a large group of production workers – says Zbigniew Górski.

Each day brings many challenges

What does a typical working day of Mr. Zbigniew look like? – We meet at the workplace very early in the morning, where the briefing takes place, the division of positions, checking the suitability and health and safety conditions, and admission to work in the qualification mode. The plant is a factory producing infrastructure elements needed in various industries, mainly related to heat treatment. The elements I am talking about have a different shape, weight, chemical composition and purpose and are packaged by us and prepared for sale – emphasizes Mr. Zbigniew and adds: – I provide employees with personal clothing, cloakroom, drinks, passes and security conditions, necessary courses and exams. Besides, I conduct consultations in positions. I meet regularly with the plant’s management to examine their performance needs, adds our employee.

When everyday work is also a great passion

Mr. Zbigniew likes his job very much. – Pajmon CPT provides foreigners with suitable housing, and I am responsible for the accommodation. I prepare protocols, reports, both daily and monthly statements of performance and salaries of individual employees. I am in constant contact with the Pajmon CPT administration, as well as with the Management Board, with whom I consult on what is currently happening. In addition, I provide the data for analysis until decisions and specific arrangements are finally made – adds Zbigniew Górski.

What is the most difficult in everyday work for Mr. Zbigniew? – Due to the specificity of work and employment, there is a natural rotation in my team. This, of course, requires training for specific tasks. In the performance of daily duties, the most difficult are unforeseen situations, where you have to react quickly and ruthlessly – emphasizes Mr. Zbigniew, who values ​​discipline, order, good communication in a team and relationships in his work. The effects of the work are also important to him. – Of course, the result is also important, so that it is better than yesterday – he adds.

He highly values the work at Pajmon CPT for the discipline, punctuality and passion of the managers. He also appreciates the company’s visions, setting a good example of not only business values ​​- emphasizes Zbigniew.

I was supposed to be a sailor … but I returned to my beloved

Before Mr. Zbigniew joined Pajmon CPT, he gained experience in other professions.

– My professional path began with academic work at AGH in Krakow. Later, I ran a business in the field of means and methods of information transfer. I was also a forensic expert in my learned field. I also worked in a hospital as an equipment specialist and in the radio, where I organized recording studios – reveals Mr. Zbigniew, who in his childhood dreamed of sailing the seas. – At one time I even made a candidate cruise to the Maritime Academy on “Dar Pomorza”, but my girlfriend stayed on land, so I returned to her. We have been married for 40 years –  says joyfully Mr. Zbigniew, who is interested in acoustics and gardening. He is a happy father and grandfather. – We have three beautiful daughters and five even more beautiful grandchildren, which is my biggest source of pride – emphasizes Zbigniew Górski with excitement.

The article is part of the #EkipaPajmona series.

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